27 Blogging within Moodle using its Blog tool


There is a tool within Moodle called the Blog tool. But KEATS uses the OU blog tool now.

Not currently in use:

the old tool:


22 Put up a post that is focused on a video


How to put up a post that is focused on a video.

The great value of this is for teaching: either recording you talking to the camera; or recording your screen showing how to perform a task online.

Note that the video will be hosted on YouTube, partly due to a limitation of free WordPress accounts.

Extension activity: You can try this process on Blogger, using a different, perhaps simpler, series of steps. Because Google owns both YouTube and Blogger, they make it easy to start off in YouTube watching a video, and to then, still on that page, simply click on a few buttons to get the video into your Blogger account (assuming you are signed in to YouTube or Blogger). The steps are to click on:

  1. ‘Share’ (it’s underneath the video).
  2. The Blogger logo, which looks like a white letter ‘B’ in an orange square. If it’s not visible, can you see the Twitter logo? Click ‘show more’ next to the Twitter logo
  3. ‘Publish’. Before you do that, you can add text, if desired, to go with the video.

9 Blog-to-book: “The Long Tail”


A series of very short videos on a well-known book that had previously been a blog. This “blog-to-book” example is the book, “The Long Tail.”

For example, the dedication text within the book, The Long Tail, begins:

“This book has benefited from the help and collaboration of literally thousands of people, thanks to the relatively open process of having it start as a widely read article and continue in public as a blog of work in progress.”

A more accurate description would be, “Speech to Article to Blog to Book”, but this too mirrors the academic process in many ways, with the addition of the blog step.

6 Sign up with WordPress


This video shows how to sign up with WordPress in the first place. Please note: to avoid a mild type of spam, you may wish to use an email address that is not your main one. That warning aside, the steps to sign up are to:

  1. Go to WordPress.com
  2. Click on ‘Get Started’ (unless you already have a blog there).
  3. Fill up the form as shown in the video in this post, just above these instructions.
  4. You will need to go back to your email program after filling out the form, and there should be an email from WordPress; clicking on the link in this email will complete the process.

Extension activity: You can of course sign up for other blog services. A popular one is Blogger, which is owned by Google. This has the advantage of using your login details from another Google-owned service, typically Gmail, but it should also work with YouTube login details, as this is also Google-owned.  To follow the steps to set up a Blogger account, this YouTube video from another user shows how to get started, but there is no need to watch it from the start, take it from this point, 1 minute 55 seconds in: http://youtu.be/9TDW5XW1TwY?t=1m55s