22 Put up a post that is focused on a video

How to put up a post that is focused on a video.

The great value of this is for teaching: either recording you talking to the camera; or recording your screen showing how to perform a task online.

Note that the video will be hosted on YouTube, partly due to a limitation of free WordPress accounts.

Extension activity: You can try this process on Blogger, using a different, perhaps simpler, series of steps. Because Google owns both YouTube and Blogger, they make it easy to start off in YouTube watching a video, and to then, still on that page, simply click on a few buttons to get the video into your Blogger account (assuming you are signed in to YouTube or Blogger). The steps are to click on:

  1. ‘Share’ (it’s underneath the video).
  2. The Blogger logo, which looks like a white letter ‘B’ in an orange square. If it’s not visible, can you see the Twitter logo? Click ‘show more’ next to the Twitter logo
  3. ‘Publish’. Before you do that, you can add text, if desired, to go with the video.

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