19 Embeds

Have you seen Storify? Let’s take a look at that… but not to embed it! Just to show what embedding is. Here it is, an example of a Moodle conference: http://storify.com/tomasdore/mootie13

After that, let’s try this ourselves, with a few things that are relevant to teaching: like presentations!

What we cannot embed: “For security reasons, WordPress will no longer display content embedded in WordPress posts unless it comes from “whitelisted” sources. If you’re simply trying to copy/paste a Storify embed code or HTML into WordPress posts, you most likely won’t see this work.” Source: http://feedback.storify.com/knowledgebase/articles/125-what-are-my-options-for-using-storify-with-wordpre

As for embedding Storify? It’s for VIPs: http://vip.wordpress.com/plugins/storify/

Extension tasks:

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