17 Themes

There are plenty of themes available in a blogging environment. But there are some considerations that limit your use of them:

  • Some you have to pay for.
  • Some limit your other functionality.
  • They may not be available on another blog provider, even if it uses the same blogging software.

In our case, if we start off  on WordPress.com, there are many themes, but when we move to King’s own blog platform, they are not available, so it is wise to limit your use of themes if you plan to move later.

Many themes show as available on WordPress.com

Themes available on WordPress.com

1 thought on “17 Themes

  1. Usually I have the ‘2011’ theme set on this blog, though I may have another theme chosen at any given moment, as part of the workshop shows how to change theme, and I then change the theme on this blog.

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