16 Customising? Consider your blog’s destination

There’s lots you can do to customise the look and the functionality of your blog. These are provided by ‘themes’ and ‘widgets’ respectively. There are quite a few available on WordPress.com, either for free or paid for. But if you plan to migrate to the King’s platform, do consider the choices you will have there, which are more limited, otherwise you will come to rely on themes and widgets that are then not available. This video shows where in the platforms these are found:



These pictures show the theme choices on the WordPress.com platform versus KCL:Manage Themes ‹ Blogging in the academy — WordPress KCL theme choices

Widgets on the KCL platform:

KCL blog widgetsSee how this compares with your choices on WordPress.com – note the ones that overlap. To find the Widgets, go to the admin’s view of your blog and then look under ‘Appearance’.

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