6 Sign up with WordPress

This video shows how to sign up with WordPress in the first place. Please note: to avoid a mild type of spam, you may wish to use an email address that is not your main one. That warning aside, the steps to sign up are to:

  1. Go to WordPress.com
  2. Click on ‘Get Started’ (unless you already have a blog there).
  3. Fill up the form as shown in the video in this post, just above these instructions.
  4. You will need to go back to your email program after filling out the form, and there should be an email from WordPress; clicking on the link in this email will complete the process.

Extension activity: You can of course sign up for other blog services. A popular one is Blogger, which is owned by Google. This has the advantage of using your login details from another Google-owned service, typically Gmail, but it should also work with YouTube login details, as this is also Google-owned.  To follow the steps to set up a Blogger account, this YouTube video from another user shows how to get started, but there is no need to watch it from the start, take it from this point, 1 minute 55 seconds in: http://youtu.be/9TDW5XW1TwY?t=1m55s   

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