3 KCL policy

King’s Policy for the KCL blog platform

SOURCE: https://internal.kcl.ac.uk/it/AssetsFiles/WebCMS/Blogs-Policy.pdf

Frequency of posting

As a bare minimum in terms of content creation, we insist that blogs are updated once a month. Any less regularly than this does not constitute a well-maintained blog and we may request that you either increase usage, or choose to terminate the blog. If there is an extended period of inactivity on your blog we may request that it is taken down.


You will need to fill up a form. *See screen recording*. At set-up the blog will be set to “Private” which makes it invisible to the external audience to allow initial development. To launch the blog owner needs to log a support call via the IT Service Desk.


A number of approved plugins have already been tested and installed. Requests for new ones need to go via the IT Service Desk. Once submitted they will be reviewed and tested and if deemed appropriate they will be installed and made available on the live system. Here are a list of approved plugins, these have been tested and are regularly updated:

… includes RSS Importer. Tool to import posts from an RSS feed. http://WordPress.org/extend/plugins/rss-importer/


  • The ones that come with the platform from Kings, plus the approved list.

  • Can it take iframes? NO. Not the KCL blog platform.


Moderating comments is an important part of blog management and it is imperative that if you are allowing comments that you regularly moderate your comments. It is also advised that you select the option of “An administrator must always approve the comment” in the “Settings > Discussion” menu.

You can also disable commenting on your blog from the “Settings > Discussion” menu.

It is important that with moderated comments that we ensure that all inappropriate comments are not published. If the College moderates a blog and publishes an inappropriate comment the College assumes responsibility and could become liable for comment. It is therefore the blog owners responsibility to ensure only appropriate comments are published.

Blog owners should also include a clear contact for people to report a problem or to complain about a post or comment.

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